The Digital Book World Conference + Expo program is focused specifically on the challenges and opportunities facing publishers and content providers of all sizes and business models, with key emphasis on the digital transformation.
TAKEAWAYS:You’ll learn:
How to operate a publishing business in a digital-first, global content market.
How to market and distribute to readers who are discovering content online, from metadata to social media to the latest success stories in content marketing.
How to acquire and develop new staff and new skills to capitalize on new digital marketplaces.
How to engage with and manage new and established internet retailers.
How to implement and use new technologies that are being created specifically for digital content providers.
How to collect, manage and mine data to improve sales.
How to manage author relationships for maximum “win-win”
In short, you will learn everything there is to learn to be successful in today’s digital publishing business environment.
Advertising and marketing communications, Design, Digital facilities, Words and books

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