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What We Do

Based on our innovative database design, we develop systems for a range of markets to help build cost-effective information management solutions.

  • Librios platforms are designed for companies in the arts, publishing and specialised research industries.
    A highly configurable platform allowing the creation of anything from a networking website to a publishing production system with subscription-based access to content.
    Librios helps to maximise content by creating online reading platforms with bespoke reading and viewing tools like indexes, bookmarks, notes and image viewer combined with sophisticated browsing and searching.
    Monetise this content further by selling online subscriptions and creating custom EPUBs.
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Why We Do It

Librios is the only digital technology we know of that joins up creative, production, marketing, consumer engagement and internal management processes.

This creates opportunities to plan workflows, streamline processes and reduce costs, as our clients have discovered.

Librios software development director, David Wilcockson, explains more with his 'XML Workflow for Digital Content' presentation.

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